Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS) is a Local Environmental Record Centre holding information on species, geodiversity, habitats and protected sites for the whole of the county of Norfolk. NBIS is a member of the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres and operates within the guidelines of the National Biodiversity Network. NBIS functions with guidance from a Steering Group, serving the need for environmental information in Norfolk through the collection, collation, assessment and interpretation of high quality data.


NBIS provides:

·         A single source of environmental information for Norfolk

·         Collation of available data for Norfolk

·         Validation and evaluation of these data

·         Identification of gaps in knowledge – taxonomic, geographical and temporal

·         A permanent and secure location for data

·         Improved flow of data from individual recorders to users at both local and national levels

·         Quick and easy access to information for all


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The August E-Bulletin ("Biodiversity News in Norfolk"): available to DOWNLOAD NOW (30/08/16)

Download and read no. 57 here. 


A collection of interesting biodiversity news from August (30/08/16)


Scientists find Luca, a single-cell, bacterium-like organism that is the common ancestor of all life on Earth


Caribbean island launches plan to remove invasive rats and goats


Last woolly mammoths 'died of thirst'


How a huge school of sharks 'flips the food pyramid'


Elephant killings in Africa 'stabilise' but threat continues


Leading insecticide cuts bee sperm by almost 40%, study shows


Environmental records shattered as climate change 'plays out before us'


Lion 'on the loose in Cornwall' sparks police hunt


New research shows penguins will suffer in a warming world


India flooding: 21 rare one-horned rhinos drown in monsoon floods


How this majestic British bird was saved from the brink of extinction


'Red gene' in birds, turtles suggests dinosaurs had bird-like color vision


Cat scat: Research examines food habits of snow leopards


Radar tracking reveals the 'life stories' of bumblebees as they forage for food


Wild New Caledonian crows possess tool-craft talent


90-year-old tortoise rescued from rubbish tip after 2.5 hour hunt through 1,000 bin bags


Elephants are the end of a 60 million year lineage – the last of the megaherbivores 


Hundreds of tiny Montserrat tarantulas hatch in zoo


Kew Gardens in race to collect and preserve Madagascar's seeds


Wallabies flourishing in the wild on Isle of Man


Conjoined baby turtle saved by Italian marine biologists 


Water voles: National Trust releasing 100 in Yorkshire Dales


Sea snails could save Great Barrier Reef from starfish


Study identifies key species which act as warning signs of ecosystem collapse 


Most nations lack ability to deal with invasive species


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Online recording questionnaire - County Wildlife Action

We are very keen to find out what you think of our online recording facility!

It would really help if you could take a few moments to complete and submit this short questionnaire so we can gauge what we could do to improve it.  The system is a very new format for us to receive records, so any constructive comments or thoughts will really help us improve the system for the future.

Online recording questionnaire - Churchyards Survey

We are very keen to find out what you think of our online recording facility!

It would really help if you could take a few moments to complete and submit this short questionnaire so we can gauge what we could do to improve it.  The system is a very new format for us to receive records, so any constructive comments or thoughts will really help us improve the system for the future.

Upcoming Events

Banham Zoo Bioblitz, 10th-11th September 2016, Banham Zoo

Join Banham Zoo for their very first Bioblitz and discover the native nature that calls Banham Zoo home. A Bioblitz is an outdoor, family event, where expert naturalists and members of the public work together to do a fast survey of all forms of life in a natural space! For more information and to book click here.

Glaven Eel Project events

Norfolk Rivers is now delivering a Norfolk Coast Partnership Heritage Lottery Fund project working with eels on the River Glaven. Over the next two and a bit years they aim to find out more about the populations and movements of eels in the Glaven catchment, work to improve their habitat and also deliver some exciting heritage and education work with local schools and communities. Join in with some of the upcoming events and learn more about this declining species and the people that used to catch them!

  • Film screening and illustrated talk “The Last of The Great Eastern Eel Catchers”, 15th September 2016, 19:30-21:30, Holt
  • Guided walk “Live streaming of two tribute acts- discovering the River Glaven and its tributaries”, 17th September 2016, 14:00-16:30, Holt Country Park
  • Guided walk “Roamin’ in the Glaven – a waterside walk”, 17th September 2016, 10:00-12:30, Glandford

Find out more about these events here.

Hoverflies of the Brecks, an Introduction, 25th September 2016, 10.00 – 16.00, Santon Downham

A free full day workshop and field visit with Stuart Paston (Norfolk County Recorder for Hoverflies) and Tony Irwin (Norfolk County Recorder for Other Insects). The workshop will involve a morning classroom session which will include an introduction to the family and how to identify and record them; this will be followed by an opportunity to put your news skills into practice during a field session around Santon Downham in the afternoon. Depending on timings we will return to the classroom to spend some time looking at the species captured and recorded in the field. Booking is essential, find out more information and book here.


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