Online recording questionnaire - Churchyards Survey

We are very keen to find out what you think of our online recording facility!

It would really help if you could take a few moments to complete and submit this short questionnaire so we can gauge what we could do to improve it.  The system is a very new format for us to receive records, so any constructive comments or thoughts will really help us improve the system for the future.
Very easyEasyOKNot so easyDifficult
Introductory page - choosing the correct option button
Part 1: What did you see? - Entering what species you saw, when and how many.
Part 1: What did you see? - Uploading photos
Part 2: Where was it? - Providing location (grid reference)
Part 3: Other information - Providing your details
Part 3: Other information - Using the 'opt-out' tick boxes to NOT be sent the e-bulletin, newsletter or survey updates.
Google search
The map to click on your location (creating a grid reference)
Type in your grid reference manually
Use the other map or aerial photo styles, using the '+' symbol

(Max 250 characters)